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Bobby is correct, in my judgment, to suggest that classical liberalism 
and classical libertarianism aren't the same.  Indeed, I've often 
disagreed with the "conservative" legal establishment (e.g., Center for 
Individual Rights) for precisely that reason.  In my view, the Founders 
established a classical liberal regime (i.e., Lockean [sorry, Bobby!]), 
not classical libertarian one.  I proposed to Roger Pilon a few weeks 
ago that Cato host a symposium on the issue.

RJLipkin at wrote:

>Scott's post raises the  interesting issue of whether classical 
>and classical libertarianism  constitute the same political philosophy. 
 I doubt 
>it. Classical liberalism  was responding to different political and 
>problems than  libertarianism.  Further, Locke's epistemology and 
>philosophy  contains too many discordant themes to rest libertarianism 
in his 
>work. (Sorry,  I'm not a big fan of Locke as a coherent philosopher 
either in 
>his epistemology  or in much of his political philosophy.) Of course, 
>raises the question of  just what is libertarianism and who are its 
>best--philosophical--proponents. In  my understanding, libertarianism 
is essentially a 
>political philosophical theory with economic instantiations. I can say 
little about 
>the  latter, but as derivations from libertarianism's philosophical 
base, they 
> should, in my, view conform to what the philosophical theory implies.  
>perhaps this discussion is moving this thread in an undesirable 
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