The Purpose of Law School

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I use the following on my  syllabi for the courses I teach in conlaw.
[T]he business of a university [is not] to turn out  finished practicing 
lawyers. A law school is not a law office or a court room.  In these days of 
overemphasis upon the immediately practical, it cannot be  insisted upon too often 
that a university law school is part of a university.  Intellectual issues are 
its concern. [A law school must promote and encourage]  the continuous 
critique of all law-making and law-administered agencies. [This  falls] peculiarly 
within the competence of scholars, and the promotion through  formulated reason 
of wise adjustments of the multitudinous and increasingly  conflicting 
interests of modern society. 
--U.S. Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter 
Are there  more recent statements to the same effect (or not) by members of 
the current  Court or any other statements by these Justices on the purpose(s) 
of a law  school education? Thanks. 
Robert Justin  Lipkin
Professor of Law
Widener University School of  Law
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