New York Court Decision to Reject Ban on Same-sex Marriage

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Sat Feb 5 08:03:47 PST 2005

I have not seen the decision, but the New York Supreme Court (which I 
understand heard the case) is  a  TRIAL Court, not an appeallate court; 
so, if it is was the Supreme Cpurt in NYC, it would only apply, 
probably, to just that county (New York County) and not even the rest of 
New York City.  If the case as in Brooklyn, then it would apply only to 
Kings County, and in Queens, to Queens Co., etc..  this assumes it was 
Supreme Court trial.

(But it has been a decade since I lived in NY, so perhaps all of this is 

Paul Finkelman

RJLipkin at wrote:

>         The NY Times article today reporting a state court decision to 
> overturn the state ban on same-sex marriage (on state constitutional 
> grounds), says that the decision is limited to New York City. Why is 
> the decision limited in this manner?
> Robert Justin Lipkin
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> Widener University School of Law
> Delaware
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