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The homogeneity in con law casebooks is an interesting historical 
phenomenon & is not all about the ideology of profs.  It's partly a 
story of the emergence of a "canon" of cases/topics, and it's partly 
about the construction of a market.  Much more to say on this, but I 
just wanted to make the point that casebook homogeneity is not a good 
measure of the homogeneity of law prof. ideology.

Mary Dudziak

At 05:56 AM 8/31/2005, Hamilton02 at wrote:
>I might be persuaded that there is more diversity if one includes 
>all 150 schools, but I have yet to find a casebook, especially in 
>con law, that is not heavily slanted to the left.  Major, governing, 
>federalism cases get glancing review, while pages are spent on 
>Carolene Products, fn. 4, which was dead doctrine on arrival.  The 
>good money is on a legal academy that is heavily weighted to the left.
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>s-gerber at writes:
>Brian Leiter argues by anecdote, not empirical evidence.  McGinnis, and
>before him Merritt (and others), are providing real data.  I'm much more
>persuaded by data than anecdote.
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