party affiliations of law profs

Scott Gerber s-gerber at
Wed Aug 31 04:14:39 PDT 2005

Last spring someone on the list requested a list of studies substantiating
the claim that most law professors are on the Left of the political
spectrum.  In addition to the studies cited previously, the New Yorks Times
recently published a story (Sunday, 8/28/05) on a forthcoming Georgetown
Law Journal article by John McGinnis (and others) providing additional
evidence.  The Times reporter made two additional observations worth
noting, both of relevance to a con law listserve:  (1) professors seems
unable to "indoctrinate" (the reporter's word) their students (he cites
Thomas, Scalia, and Roberts as examples) and (2) the failure of law schools
to try to diversify their faculties ideologically is inconsistent with the
"diversity" arguments they made in the University of Michigan cases.

Scott Gerber
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Scott Gerber
Law College
Ohio Northern University
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