Homosexual vs. gay

Scott Gerber s-gerber at onu.edu
Tue Aug 9 04:24:21 PDT 2005

I agree with Matt Franck that we need to be careful in making judgments 
about the justices' "souls."  I'm not sure whether Justice Scalia 
"disapproves" of gay conduct or not.  I think the most we can say on 
this list is that he believes the Constitution doesn't protect it.  
(FYI, as a libertarian, I think he's wrong.)

Scott Gerber
Law College
Ohio Northern University  

Mark Graber wrote:

>There are, of course, numerous explanations for word choices, but surely
>Professor Pinello's findings are interesting, even as we dispute their
>significance.  We might debate the term "homophobe" but the language
>choices do seem to suggest that Scalia is more disapproving of gay
>conduct than either Thomas or Rehnquist.
>Mark A. Graber


Scott Gerber
Law College
Ohio Northern University
Ada, OH 45810

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