The End of the Electoral College?

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Fri Oct 15 12:22:22 PDT 2004


As a mere journalist, a columnist at the Star-Ledger of New Jersey who
wrote what is I believe the first news account of that Colorado
initiative and its potential impact, may I ask a simple question: Is
this entire debate not irrelevant? I can see no possible scenario under
which the small states would approve and amendment that would take away
the disproportionate power they have under the current system. Can
anyone see such a scenario?
Paul Mulshine
The Star-Ledger

	 Isn't the correct answer that this entire debate IS, alas,
irrelevant, for precisely the reasons that Paul Mulshine suggests.
Isn't this sad conclusion just another illustration of the stupidity
(perhaps "perniciousness" is the more appropriate word) of Article V?
	One of the worst features of the Electoral College,
incidentally, is that it means that the candidates give no cogent
speeches at all about issues that might matter to anyone in the
non-battleground states.  We in Texas might as well be living in France
for all the attention that either candidate is paying to "our" concerns.
I have no desire to have the voters of Ohio and Minnesota "virtually
represent" me.  This is an idiotic system that no sane country would
adopt today (including, I would hope, our own, were we writing on a
clean slate).

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