The Third Circuit's Solomon Amendment decision

Rick Garnett Rick.Garnett.4 at
Tue Nov 30 07:43:19 PST 2004

Dear all,

Here is a link to the Washington Post's story about the Third Circuit's 
decision in the Solomon Amendment case.

>  U.S. Loses Ruling Over College Bans on Military Recruiters
>  By Michael Dobbs
>   A federal appeals court yesterday prohibited the government from 
> withholding funds from colleges and universities that refuse to cooperate 
> with military recruiters because of the Pentagon's discrimination against 
> gays in the armed forces.
>  To view the entire article, go to 

Is anyone who has had a chance to study the opinion willing to share 
thoughts on its merits?  Does endorsing the outcome in this case require 
one to embrace the reasoning in the Boy Scouts decision, or the Court's 
current expressive-association doctrine generally?


Rick Garnett

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