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         What they ought to ban is any DVD player in the front seat.

         Erzoznick (sp?) v. Jacksonville holds that the government could 
not ban nudity at drive in theaters to protect drivers passing by.  That 
would have been a lot more visible than a DVD screen in the next car at the 
red light.  But whether the current Court would adhere to Erzoznick 
requires more political guess than legal analysis.

At 03:14 PM 5/5/2004 -0400, David Mann wrote:
>I may have missed an earlier discussion about this, but a local member of 
>the fifth estate has asked me this:
>Because vehicles are more often coming equipped with DVD players, (she 
>claims) several states are considering banning people from playing X-rated 
>movies while driving, saying the inside of a vehicle is not private, but 
>rather, public space.
>Anyone care to bail me out?
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