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I may be wrong but I don't recall anyone demanding
that *government* censor the Last Temptation of
Christ. Many religious folk called for a boycott of
theaters that screened the film, but I don't recall
any calls for governmental censorship or child abuse
prosecutions. My own view of the Last Temptation
(based upon what I have read, because I am not
interested in seeing it) is that it is clearly
protected by the First Amendment. I would so advise
any co-religionist of mine who wished to prosecute
people for screening it, viewing it, or for allowing
their children to view it.

Rick Duncan

--- David Cruz <dcruz at> wrote:
> On Wed, 3 Mar 2004 paul-finkelman at wrote:
> > [snip]  I recall a few movies that upset
> Christians
> > that led to demands that the movies not be shown
> (I cannot recall the
> > names of the films, but I am sure the movie buffs
> out there will know
> > them); [snip]
> Paul Finkelman asked me to post my off-list
> suggestion to him that perhaps
> "The Last Temptation of Christ" was one such movie
> he was trying to
> recall.
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