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Could a prosecutor prosecute a parent for allowing a
young child to watch Roots or a movie about the
Holocaust? How about MTV videos? 

I brought my 14-year old son to see The Passion,
because it is the most beautiful and most spiritually
uplifting movie I have ever seen. We decided not to
take our 11 year old daughter, because she is very
sensitive (we stopped watching the miniseries The
Holocaust with her because it upset her so much).

I think it depends on the child. But any attempt to
target this movie in particular would be the most vile
and bigoted form of religious persecution in many,
many years in this country.

Rick Duncan

I love the way this profoundly spiritual movie is
being used on this list to pose hypos about obscenity
laws and child abuse prosecutions. Jesus has cut like
a knife through society for 2,000 years. He is loved
by many and He (and those who identify with Him) are
hated by many. This is nothing new.

--- Lynne <hendersl at> wrote:
> >From what I have read--and I have not seen the
> film, nor do I intend
> to--many parents are taking relatively young--10 or
> younger--children to see
> the film. (In Las vegas, some parents had a 5 year
> old with them, and I
> think a 3 year old) The film is very violent, and
> involves the killing of ,
> well, Christ.  A number of psychologists have noted
> that this could be
> extremely traumatic for children, more than, say,
> seeing Bambi's mother get
> shot or Nemo's mother being killed. An article here
> did note that some
> children seemed very upset after the movie.
>      Could a prosecutor prosecute a parent for abuse
> or neglect for bringing
> a small child?  Could a theater be prosecuted for
> admitting young children,
> even if parents are there?  Or, more likely, could
> someone get an injunction
> against admitting small children, though they are
> accompanied by their
> parents?
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