Laura Kalman kalman at history.ucsb.edu
Mon Mar 1 08:32:41 PST 2004

i am glad the list is having this discussion.  the movie has been much on
my mind--my husband does northwest semitic languages, and i saw it last
night with his aramaic class. (the consensus, but just on the basis of the
one viewing, was that the aramaic seemed to be all over the place and that
there seemed to be some odd mistakes.) i missed the earlier discussion re
obscenity, but i have heard from a friend in paris that french film
distributors have refused to show the film for fear it will exaccerbate
anti-semitism there. does anyone know if this is true? more germane to the
list, i also wondered if someone could discuss on what
legal/constitutional grounds, irrespective of obscenity (maybe there are
none), france and other western european countries could ban films that
are not deemed to be in the public interest. lk

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