looking for law professors to join amicus brief

M. Pollack mpollack at MEMPHIS.EDU
Thu Nov 7 15:03:03 PST 2002

Dastar Corp. v. Fox Film Corp., U.S. Supreme Court No. 02-428, raises
the propriety of allowing Lanham Act protection of copyrightable works
which lack copyright protection -- protection provided without any
evidence of likelihood of anyone's confusion. I consider such protection
a violation of U.S. Const. Art. I, sec 8, cl 8.
    I am rapidly writing a law professor amicus brief supporting
Dastar's petition for certiorari.  Any law professor interested in
signing on is urged to email me off list.  I will send a draft for
approval out around Friday Nov. 15 and will need final approval over
that weekend.
    My apologies for cross posting.
Malla Pollack
Visiting Associate Professor
University of Memphis, Law
mpollack at memphis.edu

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