Glenn Reynolds Reynolds at LIBRA.LAW.UTK.EDU
Mon Nov 4 17:31:16 PST 2002

I would go further than the below -- if Prof. Martin's arguments
about international law are correct, then I can't understand why the
United States would agree to be bound by international law in
general.  It appears to be a rather one-sided, and unfavorable, deal.

>     Prof. Martin's arguments are quite interesting, but I continue to be
> unpersuaded by the notion that, once a multilateral treaty is ratified,
> *U.S. law* bars Congress from abrogating it.  Certainly if that's so, that
> would be a great argument for the Senate not to ratify virtually any
> multilateral treaties.  But I don't believe that this reflects the current
> understanding of U.S. law.

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