Eugene's Hypos Come to Life

shubha ghosh ghoshlawprof at YAHOO.COM
Thu Sep 27 06:26:16 PDT 2001

How would you distinguish this UNM history professor
from a "hypothetical" one who would make the argument
that My Lai was justified or the "hypothetical"
revisionist historian of the Holocaust?

--- William Funk <funk at LCLARK.EDU> wrote:
> Glenn Reynolds wrote:
> >
> > >                   On Sept. 11, the morning
> tragedy hit the
> >                     nation after hijacked
> jetliners struck the
> >                     World Trade Center and the
> Pentagon,
> >                     Berthold remarked to his
> class: "Anyone who
> >                     can blow up the Pentagon has
> my vote."
> Assuming for the moment that the person did not
> later apologize for his
> insensitive, flip remark, but rather this is his
> considered opinion.
> Certainly, it is protected speech.  However, I
> wonder whether it would
> be grounds for firing him from the state university
> system on the
> grounds that such expression in a class is
> incompatible with what the
> university is trying to teach students, and such
> speech is not protected
> by academic freedom.  In other words, can a public
> university prohibit
> teachers from teaching their students that violent,
> illegal conduct is
> worthy of praise.
> Bill Funk

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