Shameless Plug -- Fall Book on Judicial Politics During Presidential Election Dispute

Greg Sisk greg.sisk at DRAKE.EDU
Thu Mar 29 17:06:31 PST 2001

Howard Gillman gave me the opportunity to review the key chapters of
the book and offer comments in advance of publication.  I give it a
strong recommendation both as a good addition to the library of any
scholar interested in the subject (or your university or department
library) and as a classroom text.  As folks on the list will recall
from my undoubtedly excessive number and length of posts during that
turbulent November to December period, I was a close observer and
frequent commentator on those events.  Howard's book is the most
interesting and readable narrative of the events, with incisive and
pointed, yet fair and balanced, commentary on developments at each
stage.  His narrative drew me in quickly and kept me moving, giving
both the appropriate level of detail and yet avoiding getting bogged
down in minutiae or losing my interest.  His evaluation of court
decisions was thorough and thoughtful.  And I think that readers from
all perspectives will find it to be a reasonably balanced discussion
(I did of course disagree with some of his conclusions, but that fact
probably further confirms that it is well balanced).  If you adopt
this text, you won't be disappointed.
Greg Sisk

>Dear Colleagues:
>In case you are making decisions about fall books I wanted to let
>you know about a book of mine that will be published by the
>University of Chicago Press this September.
>PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.  It's an analysis of judicial politics during
>the presidential election dispute, with particular attention to the
>U.S. Supreme Court.  It provides a very thorough summary of the
>day-by-day events of the dispute (more comprehensive than the
>Washington Post or NY Times books) and an overview of the ongoing
>commentary provided by the press and the academic community (more
>comprehensive than the Dionne/Kristol book).  However, the focus of
>the discussion is an analysis of the legal and political influences
>on courts.
>I have tried to make sure that the legal analysis is informed by all
>the best work that is coming out on the controversy (thanks to the
>cooperation of lots of people on this list) and the political
>analysis is informed by the best work in judicial decision-making,
>Supreme Court politics, and constitutional history.
>Below please find a draft of the catalogue copy and an overview of
>the table of contents.  Thanks for considering it!
Gregory Sisk
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