firing pregnant teachers from religious schools.

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Well, that's the question, David.  What if a school decided that a black
was not a good role model, or that Asians were not good role models, or
that Italians were not good role models by their very nature and existence?
 Would you accept that at face value, or would they have to make some
plausible theological case?  Since no organization is free from bias, do we
give those affiliated with religion a total pass, even when the job is not
a churchly office?  And what if a tow truck driver refused to hire based on
such prejudice and claimed it to be his free exercise of religion; can we
examine his theology?

At 02:55 PM 8/19/2001 EDT, you wrote:
>I'm hardly an expert on Christian theology, but
>(1) I don't think it's for courts to decide whether a pregnant teacher is a
>good role model, it's for schools to decide.
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> With respect to David Bernstein's points, I don't understand the argument
> that a pregnant woman teacher would be a "public negative role model."
> Insofar as Christian doctrine teaches that we are all sinners and can at
> best repent and ask for forgiveness, she would not be negative, she would
> be positive.  She would show how a sinner can be redeemed by repentance and
> accepted by Christian people.  Jesus did not point to Mary Magdalene as a
> "negative role model." >>
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