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Scarberry, Mark Mark.Scarberry at PEPPERDINE.EDU
Thu Aug 2 14:47:23 PDT 2001

How about subpoenaing CNN's records to see whether Ted Turner had influenced
its news reporting to slant it in an anti-Israeli or anti-Republican
direction? CNN news is carried by some broadcast stations. I think the
subpoena to the GE CEO opens a huge can of 1st amendment worms.

Mark Scarberry

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From: gerald neuman
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I just want to observe that the analysis so far has generally assumed
the CEO of a major industrial corporation is the holder of the First
Amendment right of a subsidiary holding a broadcast license.  First,
isn't the only possible way to imagine free speech law; the answer would
be different in German constitutional law.  Second, whether such
corporations should be permitted to acquire broadcast licensees is a
question worth thinking about, and one on which Congress may have
legislative power, and one that might justify an investigation.
-- Gerry Neuman

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