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Volokh, Eugene VOLOKH at
Tue Apr 24 11:32:54 PDT 2001

        I had the list on unmoderated mode for a while, since I've been away
from the office, and since it's been rather quiet.  Given the flood of
messages yesterday, though, I've switched it back to moderated mode, and
will try to pace it at the usual 20 pages/day maximum.  This means that only
a few more messages will come through today, since we're already near the

        This might be a good opportunity to remind people to try to keep the
discussion a bit focused.  For instance, some messages (such as responses to
puzzles or surveys that will eventually be tallied by the questioner) are
best sent off-list.  Others might be best reframed in a way that focuses a
bit more on constitutional law, or that avoids duplication with what others
have already recently said.  Still others, while amusing, might best be sent
off-list, or saved for times when traffic is lighter.

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