Missing justices

Edward A Hartnett hartneed at SHU.EDU
Fri Feb 4 16:04:52 PST 2000

Art Wolf writes:

 I would be astounded (and depressed) if the Solicitor General or any other
member of the executive branch even suggested to the President (or his
speech-writers) that some line be inserted in a State of the Union Address
to "test the Justices' reactions."


What do Art (and others) think of a Chief Justice suggesting and drafting a
portion of a State of the Union message?  Chief Justice Taft did just that as
part of his effort to get the Judges' Bill of 1925 passed.

 (By the way, the constitution requires that the President "from time to time
give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union" -- not that the
President make a public speech to a joint session of Congress.   The tradition
used to be for the information to be provided in writing.)

Ed Hartnett
Seton Hall

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