[BruinRotaract] REMINDER! Social Tonight at 7 pm

perlap89 at ucla.edu perlap89 at ucla.edu
Fri Mar 5 10:27:32 PST 2010

Hello Rotaractors,

This is just a final reminder that there will be a social today 3/5/10  
starting at 7pm. Come and join us while we eat some food, play some  
games, and make our sign board. Come for a study break!

If you want to come there will be someone from Rotaract (Possibly  
Kency) waiting for you at DeNeve Plaza to walk to the apartment at  
6:45! If not, you can walk there yourself anytime :D.


564 Glenrock Ave. #406
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Please call me at (619) 316-1664 so I can let you into the building!

See you tonight!

Perla P.

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