[BruinRotaract] Fundraiser to Eradicate Polio Continues....

knsyncro at ucla.edu knsyncro at ucla.edu
Thu Oct 22 18:06:21 PDT 2009

First, I would like to say that I am looking forward to working with  
all those who are coming out to fundraise on Bruinwalk tomorrow!!!  
We've got a huge challenge ahead of us because.....*drum roll* TODAY'S  
VOLUNTEERS RAISED ABOUT $192!!!!!!!! We smashed through our goal!  
FANTASTIC JOB to all those who were out there helping today!!!!

Soooo...let's try to match that tomorrow! We have the opportunity to  
raise enough money to vaccinate 600 kids, so let's get it done! See  
you tomorrow! Don't forget, you can always stop by to help out for a  
few minutes or to say hi on your way to class. :)

My UCLA Rotaractors brought ME service with a smile today and I know  
they're gonna do it again tomorrow!!!!

Kency Nittler
President 09-10
Rotaract Club @ UCLA

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