[BruinRotaract] Polio Fundraiser...and meeting tomorrow!!!

knsyncro at ucla.edu knsyncro at ucla.edu
Tue Oct 20 09:26:44 PDT 2009

Hello Rotaractors! If you haven't signed up for a half hour shift yet  
on Thursday or Friday you need to! We've only got 9 volunteers right  
now and that is not enough!!! If you're debating between times, sign  
up for a time when only one other person is working. Ideally, no one  
will be out there alone. Here's the link to the poll to sign up:

We've got 30 official members, so I know that no one should have to  
work alone! Remember guys, this is what Rotaract is all  
about...SERVICE! :)

Tomorrow, Wednesday October 21, is a general meeting at 6 pm in  
Ackerman 2412. We will be prepping for our World Polio Day coin drive,  
getting pumped up to raise $183 in order to vaccinate 300 kids, and  
having a blast while doing so! Don't miss out!

Also, t-shirts will be for sale for $5, treats for those wearing pins  
or shirts, and if you continue to read this email closely there will  
be other opportunities to win something sweet too!

Some Polio Facts:
-Rotary has been working on eradicating polio since 1985
-Today there are only 4 endemic countries (when Rotary started there  
were 165!!)
-It costs about 61 cents to buy vaccine for a child
-Historically, polio has been the world's greatest cause of disability
-More than 10 million children will be paralyzed in the next 40 years  
if we fail to continue our efforts to eradicate polio

Bringing you service with a smile,

Kency Nittler
President 09-10
Rotaract Club @ UCLA

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