[BruinRotaract] Rotarct Event Thursday

vaisberg at ucla.edu vaisberg at ucla.edu
Tue Nov 13 23:41:44 PST 2007

Hello everyone!

We will be handing out the Thanksgiving gifts we made last Thursday to  
the senior citizens at Westwood Horizons Senior Home in Westwood.  
(This means obviously that there isn't a regular meeting.)
We will meet at Ackerman Turnaround at 4pm this Thursday, 11/15, and  
then walking to the home (it's right behind Ralphs, so it's close  
walking distance). We don't plan to stay past normal meeting time so  
you should still be able to make any other commitments afterwards!

Even if you weren't able to help make the gifts, definitely come out  
to hand them out and hang out with the senior citizens, they love to  
have visitors!

Let me know if you aren't able to meet at Ackerman but still want to  
meet us at Westwood Horizons.
Hope to see you all there!!

Katia Vaisberg
Rotaract at UCLA President
vaisberg at ucla.edu
cell: 650-504-3188

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