[Bioinformatics] Today's Bioinformatics Seminar: Kevin Thornton, Ph.D.

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Mon Oct 11 09:12:47 PDT 2010

"Lessons from Population-based

Resequencing in Drosophila"

Kevin Thornton, Ph.D.

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UCI

TODAY: October 11, 2010


Gonda 1357


I will describe two applications of high-throughput sequencing to evolutionary studies in Drosophila.  The first application is the sequencing of pooled samples of laboratory populations that have been selected for rapid development time.  Pooled samples are a low-cost way of estimating allele frequencies genome-wide, at the cost of losing haplotype information.   The study reveals several of the challenges of experimental evolution in eukaryotic systems, while also demonstrating the feasibility and accuracy of pooled samples for evolutionary studies.  The second project is an ongoing study of copy-number variation (CNVs) in the Drosophila genus.  We are currently sequencing wild-type, isofemale lines from several species to very high depth.  The informatics challenges related to the study of CNVs will be discussed.

Website: http://www.molpopgen.org/thorntonlab/index.html

Host: Matteo Pellegrini, x50012

Refreshments will be served after the seminar

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