[Bioinformatics] REMINDER: Bioinformatics Seminar Series: MONDAY, January 14, 2008 @4 PM in CNSI Auditorium

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Mon Jan 7 13:58:32 PST 2008



Dr. Saeed Tavazoie

Department of Molecular Biology

 Princeton University



"Internal representation of environment in regulatory networks"



Searching for general principles that connect molecular network
organization, physiology and evolution has become a dominant pursuit in
systems-biology.  However, insights from such studies have, by and
large, come from interpretation of experiments in the laboratory
context, with little regard to the complex ecological habitats that have
shaped these networks over geological timescales.  However, evolutionary
history and ecological structure are very poorly understood in general.

To address these challenges, we have utilized supercomputer simulations
to create a virtual ecology of microbial populations evolving in complex
and dynamic environments.  In this setting organisms evolve under
precisely defined environments where multiple time-varying signals
encode information about resource abundance.  We show that these
organisms and their randomly evolving biochemical networks are able to
robustly model diverse habitat structures, achieving optimal internal
representations that allow prediction of environmental trajectory.  We
further provide evidence for the existence of such predictive modeling
in nature by revealing striking correlations of Escherichia coli
transcriptional responses to ecologically relevant environmental
perturbations. Our work suggests that a full understanding of organismal
behavior and underlying mechanisms crucially depends on an intimate
understanding of habitat structure over evolutionary timescales.



MONDAY, January 14, 2008


CNSI Auditorium

Host: Dr. Matteo Pellegrini

Refreshments will be served at 3:30pm




Jia-Qing Zhao

Graduate Student Affairs Advisor

2124 Life Sciences Building

Box 951606

UCLA Dept. of Molecular, Cell & 

Developmental Biology

Tel: (310) 794-4256

Fax: (310) 267-1880



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