[Avrora] Question about option "-interrupt-schedule"

Daniel Minder daniel.minder at uni-due.de
Mon Oct 11 09:53:41 PDT 2010


> I also tried the option in "-simulation=single" mode, and I could not
> see the scheduled interupts either.

That's not Avrora's fault. You did everything right. Try to change "22"
to "12" and you will see that the number of invocations is increasing.

INT 22 is not invoked more often simply because it is disabled. Look at
$TOSDIR/chips/atm128/adc/Atm128AdcP.nc. When command getData() is called
the ADCSRA register is programed, which includes the enabling of the
ADIE flag (ADC Interrupt Enable). When the dataReady() event is invoked
and you requested only a single sample the interrupts are disabled again.


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