[Avrora] Difference between gdb and serial

Daniel Minder daniel.minder at uni-due.de
Wed May 26 03:55:22 PDT 2010

Hi Dirk & all,

> gdb is for debugging a program running on a node in Avrora (=sending
> instructions, reading the output).

This one is using the GDB internal protocol. You can control the 
execution of the program using GDB as if you are debugging a "normal" 

> serial is for reading and writing data from and into the node.

And this one is using the TinyOS internal serial protocol. Avrora will 
create a server socket to which you can connect using TinyOS' 
SerialForwarder (as you connect to a real mote connected to USB or 
RS232). On the mote's program you have to use 
SerialAMSenderC/SerialAMReceiverC send or receive data via the serial 
port. The data type is user defined - for TinyOS is just bytes...


Daniel Minder
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