[Avrora] Problems in understanding results and exceptions in 1.7.106

Daniel Minder daniel.minder at uni-due.de
Tue May 25 02:51:35 PDT 2010


> java.lang.NullPointerException at
> avrora.sim.mcu.SPI$TransferEvent.fire(SPI.java:154)

I have never seen this before. The SPI has no device connected to it -
which should not happen since the MicaZ platform connects the radio. So,
maybe you compiled for MicaZ but simulated Mica2?

> Radio is always 0 Joules, though my application is based on sending
> packets over radio and receiving these.

This is correct since:

> Simulated time: 31109 cycles

Your program can only for 4.2 ms. During that time the radio was not
even powered on :)


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