[Avrora] Problems in simulating a sensor network-using avrora-beta-1.6.0.jar

Ben L. Titzer ben.titzer at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 23:20:31 PST 2010

I think if you use a more update-to-date Avrora version, you shouldn't have any problems. E.g. try checking out the source from sourceforge and building it.


> Hello everyone,
> I am trying to carry out memory,energy,etc analysis of a tinyos program using avrora..
> when I give the command
> $ avrora -simulation=sensor-network -monitors=energy -seconds=50.0 -nodecount=7 sensenew.od | more
> It carries out the simulation for the designated time..However I have two doubts:
> 1)why does all simulation keeps on turning on and off leds
> and even at the end of the analysis..it shows results for green..***joules..red ***joules and so on..
> what does this signify?
> 2)my application which basically doesnt change the leds but is message based..i.e. active messages are sent and received by different nodes, working fine in tossim..hangs after a few seconds in avrora after showing a few leds on and off and then finally after 50 seconds it gives the analysis results where bytes sent and received are all 0..Why does a program running perfectly well in TOSSIM(TinyOS-1.x) suddenly stop in Avrora ?
> Please help...
> Regards,
> Kiraneet
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