[Avrora] Testing energy-efficient MAC protocols with AvroraZ

rodolfo de paz rodolfo.depaz at cit.ie
Fri Jul 24 08:39:27 PDT 2009

Hi Vincent,


I extended the avrora code (creating what we called avroraz) in order to
support the emulation of the meshmac protocol which is an extension of
the IEEE 802.15.4 beacon enabled mode to support mesh networking. Among
other features, I added the CCA and the radio power state machine
support for the cc2420 radio chip. Note that all the changes I did to
create avroraz were uploaded to the avrora main branch so you can
download the code from http://avrora.cvs.sourceforge.net/. 


We used duty cycling by issuing a superframe with BO > SO and switching
the radio to the idle power mode during the inactive period. The CCA was
used in the tinyos protocol as it is described in the CSMA/CA procedure
of the standard. The code we used for evaluation is similar to the one
that resides at


I am not familiar with the Tinyos LPL mechanism and I have not tested it
with the emulator so I cannot ensure that it works properly. It seems
that Alban was working on it, maybe he found what was the problem?


I forward this email to the avrora list.


Hope this helps,




From: Vincent Gay [mailto:vincengay at gmail.com] 
Sent: 24 July 2009 15:59
To: rodolfo de paz
Cc: Panneer Muthukumaran
Subject: Testing energy-efficient MAC protocols with AvroraZ


Dear Rodolfo,

I would like to simulate some energy-efficient MAC-layer protocols
implemented in tinyos-2.x (e.g., those found in
tinyos-2.x-contrib/wustl/upma), with MicaZ as a target platform.

I've tried first to use Avrora retrieved from CVS, but it seems that
there is some bugs when sending packets, possibly due to incomplete
implementation of CCA mechanisms (as pointed by Adam Hessler here
<http://www.nabble.com/MAC-layers-for-TinyOS-td23597380.html> ).

I've found on the Internet that AvroraZ extends Avrora with full support
of MicaZ"s CC2420 chip, including CCA. I've just given it a try, using
the jar file and the UPMA test applications for B-MAC and X-MAC, with
the following command:
java -jar avroraZ.jar -platform=micaz -simulation=sensor-network
-seconds=120 -monitors=leds,packet -nodecount=2

Unfortunately, it seems that the simulator still fails to support the
sending of packet according to the packet monitor. Note that the
simulation works fine with applications running on top of standard
TinyOS's MAC.

Have I missed something in the usage of AvroraZ? Have you been able to
simulate LPL-based MAC protocols for MicaZ so far (incl. CCA and
duty-cycle mechanisms)?

Any feedback or comment on these issues would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks and best regards,

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