[Avrora] Questions about Sensor Network Simulation

Rodolfo de Paz Alberola rodolfo.depaz at cit.ie
Mon Jan 28 00:41:14 PST 2008

Hi Tal,

Here you have a summary of what I have seen -looking at the code
CC2420Radio.java-that is not implemented yet for the CC2420 radio chip
which with micaZ works.

 - Address recognition
 - Acknowledgement of frames
 - MAC security operations (stand-alone AES encryption and in-line o
 - In receive mode the 2 FCS bytes should be replaced by RSSI
value,average correlation value(neccessary to later software LQI
calculation) and CRC OK/not OK value.
 - Battery monitor using BATTMON register
 - CCAmux and SFDmux to set up output test signals
 - Transmit/receive serial modes

Now, I am doing some testing with TinyOS-2.x and I will try to implement
some of them that I need for my project. Any collaboration is welcome. 



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>      Thanks for the response. Are there any micaz features that are not
> working?
> Tal
> >> Hi,
> >>     I am a new user to Avrora and I intend on using the system to
> >> implement sensor network simulations. I have two questions:
> >>
> >> 1)   I have not found documentation regarding the topology option to
> >> sensor-networks. How should such topology strings be formed?
> >
> > The topology option accepts the name of a file to load the topology from.
> > I think there is an example file somewhere in the source distribution. If
> > not, I think it is something like "NodeName x y z" on each line, where x,
> > y, and z are double-precision floating point numbers.
> >
> >>
> >> 2)   The Avrora homepage says that preliminary support for the Micaz is
> >> available in 1.7.x. I am running 1.7.102 and still seeing the string
> >> "Currently, only the "mica2" platform sensor nodes are supported" in
> >> sensor-networks help. Is the micaz supported in this release, and if so,
> >> should I use micaz?
> >
> > The comment is out of date. There is a micaz platform and it is mostly
> > working.
> >
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