[Avrora] Atmega128New or Atmega128...

Marco Antonio Lopez Trinidad marco.lopez at unige.it
Thu Feb 1 09:50:34 PST 2007

Dear all,

1. What is the Atmega model used currently by the mica2 motes in avrora,
Atmega128New or Atmega128?
2. What is the status of the SPI registers? I want to say, is all the logic for
the "DATA",  "STATUS" and "CONTROL" Registers implemented, including the
relationship of this Register and PORTB Registers?
3. What is the effect of using "addIORergister(String n, int ior_num)"
"addIORergister(String n, int ior_num, String format)" on the logic behavior of
the emulator?


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