[Avrora] Accuarcy between ATEMU and AVRORA

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ATEMU is not better than Avrora in terms of accuracy, however, ATEMU's operational strategy is more detailed and resembles the real hardware operation. The following text may help you find answers to your questions.
"Avrora's simulation strategy is different from ATEMU's cycle by cycle simulation strategy. In ATEMU each hardware device state is updated and interrupts are polled every clock-cycle even though it may not be required. For example, devices like timers and counters may require an increment in a register every 1024 clock cycles. Thus, they can be offoaded for the remaining period of simulation to improve performance. The strategy of ATEMU, to visit all the devices every clock-cycle, achieves synchronization between the devices. However, it affects the performance of simulator significantly. Avrora, on the otherhand, counts upto 1024 internally and increments the timer register at the required time and triggers the interrupt when needed."
Avrora uses event-queue mechanism to achieve synchronization between hardware devices and therefore it achieves better performance and scalability measures. 
Hope it helps a bit.

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<P>As I read, AVRORA pursue&nbsp; the middle ground between TOSSIM and ATEUM because of accuracy and scalability. Then, why ATEMU is better than AVRORA in terms of accuracy?&nbsp;What makes this gap?&nbsp; </P> 
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