[Avrora] TinyDB energy consumption

Can Basaran cbasaran at cse.yeditepe.edu.tr
Tue Dec 13 04:29:21 PST 2005


im trying to analyze the energy consumption of TinyDB using avrora. The 

Sam Madden, Michael J. Franklin, Joseph M. Hellerstein and Wei Hong. TinyDB: 
An Acqusitional Query Processing System for Sensor Networks. ACM TODS, 2005 
[http://db.cs.berkeley.edu/papers/tods05-tinydb.pdf, page 47, Table VII] 

claims that CPU [active] energy consumption is around 80%, while avrora 
energy monitor caculates it as something around %9. 

I use: 

java avrora/Main -topology=topo.txt -platform=mica2 -nodecount=5 
 -simulation=sensor-network -verbose=off 
 -monitors=serial,avrora.monitors.EnergyMonitor -seconds=3000 TinyDBApp.od 

to invoke avrora. i also run serialforwarder and tinydbmain and successfully 
receiving light and accelerometer readings from the nodes. am I missing 
something? do you have any explanation? 

thanks in advance. 


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