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The Global Dance Club List's purpose is to inform (students/staff/faculty/alumni) regarding FREE Dance/Cultural/Social Events at UCLA/L.A.

The dance clubs will give you the confidence to enjoy social ballroom (Swing-Salsa-Tango-Waltz), cultural and vintage ballroom dance (1920s/1950s/Jane Austen/Victorian/Renaissance Dance) events.

Dance Lessons at UCLA:

Spring/Summer Quarter:

Mondays 7pm-11pm (Weekly) 4/3-6/5 at UCLA Kerckhoff Hall Grand Salon
(Mondays 4/24 & 5/8 will be at Ackerman-AGB)
Mondays 6/26-8/28 7pm-10pm Locations tba
Saturdays 7pm-11pm (Monthly) 4/8 at AGB;
Saturdays 4/22, 5/6, 6/3, 7/22 at Kerckhoff Grand Salon (8/12 Loc. tba)

New website for BDC/IFDC:

22nd Year of WEEKLY DANCE LESSONS Mondays (9/26/2016-8/28/2017)

Mondays 7pm-11pm at UCLA Kerckhoff Hall Grand Salon (Weekly Location)

The fun affordable way to learn ballroom/cultural dances.

Now Accepting Annual Memberships and Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer Quarter Memberships at new club mailbox:
907 Westwood Blvd #350 L.A. CA 90024

Please make membership check out to Ballroom Dance Club/IFDC at UCLA or to ASUCLA.

New Annual Memberships good 1 Year from the time your donate your annual membership to support room/catering costs.

Spring Quarter 4/3-6/5 at KGS (4/24 & 5/8 at Ackerman-AGB)
Summer Quarter 6/26-8/28 at Ackerman/KGS Loc. tba
Fall Quarter 2017: 10/2-12/4 at KGS (10/23 at Ackerman-AGB)
Winter Quarter 2018: 1/8-3/12 at KGS


BDC/IFDC at UCLA The 86th Romantic Dance Lesson Series
Mondays April 3-June 5, 7pm-11pm at UCLA Kerckhoff Hall Grand Salon
7pm Learn Swing-Salsa-Tango-Waltz-Cha Cha-Foxtrot
9pm Learn Armenian, Greek, Argentine Dance, Persian Dance, American Contra Dance
Now Accepting Quarterly/Annual/Two-Year/Four-Year Members
e-mail for Membership Rates

Spring Quarter 2017: 4/3-6/5/2017
Dance Lessons Mondays 7pm-11pm at UCLA Kerckhoff Grand Salon

Room Location Exceptions Spring 2017:

Spring Salsa Party Monday 4/24 is located next door at Ackerman Grand ballroom featuring the Pablo Mendez Latin Band 7pm-11pm (new end time)
featuring several dance/music performing groups.

Spring Ballroom Lessons & Jerusalem/Turkey Culture Night Monday 5/8 are next door at Ackerman-AGB 7pm-11pm

Special Event:

End of Spring Swing Dance Monday 6/5 at KGS with BDC/IFDC and SDC 7pm-11pm (new end time)

HBDC Spring 2017 Theme Dances with Vintage Ballroom Dance Lessons

HBDC: Great Gatsby 1920s Party Saturday 4/8 (moved from KGS to Ackerman-AGB) 7pm-11pm (new start/end time) feat. Dutch Newman Musical Melodions

HBDC: Baroque Pirate Masquerade Ball Saturday 4/22 at KGS 7pm-11pm (new start/end time)
Learn easy fun 17th century dances

HBDC: Hollywood Movie Magic Ball with special guest Chester Whitmore Saturday 5/6 at KGS (7pm-11pm new start/end time)
Learn about the history of 20th dance including Charleston, Lindy Hop, The Madison Line Dance. Includes videos, plus Chester's exciting Tap/Swing Dance Performances.

HBDC: Jane Austen Ball at Kerckhoff Grand Salon Saturday 6/3 (7pm-11pm new start/end time)
Learn late 18th century ballroom dances including Waltzes and English Set Dances

Please remember to RSVP for Saturday Events
For Saturday Events RSVP to

Culture Nights Spring 2017 Mondays 9pm with International Folk Dance Club, Global Dance Club
( ) is 7pm-9pm Ballroom-Swing-Salsa-Tango Lessons with Ballroom Dance Club, Social Dance Club

4/3 Europe (Ballroom) Special Guest Teacher, William Harvey will teach Swedish Dance The Hambo 9pm-10pm
4/10 Chinese with special guest performer of Chinese Dance (Ballroom)
4/17 Hawaiian with members of the Hawaii Club (Swing)
4/24 Latin-Salsa Party at Ack-AGB (Salsa) feat. Pablo Mendez Latin Band & 100 Students performing (Salsa/Bachata/Traditional Music and Dances of Mexico
5/1 Ballroom & Bollywood Dance (Ballroom Lessons 7:30pm)

5/8 Jerusalem (note) at Ack-AGB (Ballroom Lessons 7:30pm) 9pm Special Dance Performance with Machol Lohet (Hot Dance), professional dance troupe of 14 teenagers from Ashkelon, Israel

5/15 Armenian w/Tom Bozigian (Salsa Lessons 7:30pm) (note new date 1 week early)

5/22 Greek/Balkan (Swing Lindy Hop Lessons 7:30pm) (note new date 1 week later) tent. live music with Balkan Music Ensemble

5/29 Holiday, annual field trip to Valley Greek Festival in Northridge

6/5 USA-Spring Swing Dance feat. Swing Inc. (ten piece band) (Swing Lessons & Party) 7pm-11pm

(Summer Lessons usually not at Kerckhoff GS,
but usually instead at UCLA Ackerman A-Level 7pm-9pm then outside at Bruin Plaza 9pm-10pm
Mondays June 26-Aug. 28, 2017 but location will be confirmed during End of Spring Quarter 2017)
Summer Swing Dance (Monday July 17) is usually held outside at Bruin Plaza

Theme Dances with HBDC 7/22 at KGS & 8/12 usually outside at Bruin Plaza

Lessons/Performance Opportunities at the 29th Annual Santa Barbara French Festival 7/15-7/16, 11am-7pm

Annual Sunday Brunch: Chinese Dim Sum 8/27 time tba

Plus Annual After-Club Field Trip to Bel Air Hotel Piano Lounge Monday 8/28

New participants - New Members welcome every week

Ballroom Dance Club & International Folk Dance Club at UCLA
Dance Lessons Mondays 7pm-11pm at Kerckhoff Hall GS

Learn Swing-Salsa-Tango...the fun affordable way.

Now Accepting Annual Memberships and Fall Quarter Memberships at club mailbox:

New Mailing Address: 907 Westwood Blvd #350 L.A. CA 90024.
Please make membership checks/donations out to ASUCLA or to Ballroom Dance Club/IFDC


Spring Quarter 2017 Dance Lessons at UCLA

7pm-11pm Mondays Apr. 3-June 5 at UCLA Kerckhoff Hall Grand Salon

Exception: 4/24 Salsa Celebration/Latin Culture Night feat. The Pablo Mendez Latin Band at Ackerman-AGB
and featuring 100 students (UCLA and High School) performing traditional Mexican dance, music, salsa, bachata

Exception: 5/8 Ballroom Lessons Turkish/Jerusalem Culture Night at UCLA Ackerman-AGB
and featuring 14 teenagers from Ashkelon, Israel presenting a dance piece celebrating Jerusalem

GDC co-sponsors campus Culture Nights: Performances/Dance Lessons Mondays 9pm at KGS with guest teachers/performing groups.

Benefits of Annual Membership (with Dance Club Coalition at UCLA
include 50 Nights (37 Mondays/13 Saturdays) of Free Dance Lessons:

37 Mondays per year 7pm-11pm at UCLA Kerckhoff Hall Grand Salon (KGS) or Ackerman Bldg-2400 (AGB) or once in a while at Bruin Reception Room at UCLA Ackerman Union-2414

or at UCLA Ackerman A-Level VP Conference Rooms (regular Summer Location) to be confirmed

Officer Meetings of Dance Club Coalition at UCLA Loc. tba Wednesdays
7pm or 8pm at Kerckhoff Hall Room 152 (Spring Quarter 2017 Location)

Dance Lessons 7pm Mondays
Ballroom Dance Club/Social Dance Club

Ballroom: Tango/Waltz/Cha Cha/Foxtrot Weeks 1, 2, 5, 6;
Swing Lessons Weeks 3, 8, 10;
Salsa Lessons Weeks 4, 7, 9

Dance Lessons 9pm Mondays
International Folk Dance Club/Global Dance Club

Cultural Dance Styles at 9pm (at KGS unless noted)

Monday Sept. 26, 2016 at UCLA Kerckhoff Hall Grand Salon
began 21st year of social dance lessons with the Ballroom Dance Club at 7pm;
began 22nd year of fun with International Folk Dance Club 9pm
plus Salsa Cuban Casino Rueda Lessons 10pm Mondays.

Annual Members of BDC/IFDC also enjoy 13 Saturday Night Theme Dances
produced by the Historical Ballroom Dance Club at UCLA.

The 20th Year of Saturday Night Theme Dances w/Vintage Ballroom Lessons starts Saturdays 10/22/2016 11/12/2016

HBDC Saturdays in 2017: at Kerckhoff GS (unless noted)
2/11 (AGB), 2/25, 3/11, 4/8 (AGB), 4/22, 5/6, 6/3, 7/22, 8/12, 10/28, 11/18 (AGB)

Saturday Night Theme Dances celebrate 500 Years of ballroom dance throughout the world.
see HBDC new website

Summer Quarter 2017:

6/26-8/28 Mondays Lessons 7pm-8:45pm usually at Ackerman A-Level, then outside 9pm-10pm at Bruin Plaza, followed by After-Club Field Trips to local restaurants
But the 7pm Location for Dance Lessons will be confirmed at end of Spring Quarter.

Mon. 7/17 Summer Swing Dance at Bruin Plaza (but lessons may start at Summer Loc.)
Sat. 7/22 Revolutionary Ball at Kerckhoff GS Celebrating dance of the French/American Revolution times including annual Minuet Workshop
Sat. 8/12 (Tent.) L.A. Ball, An Early California Fandango Celebrating L.A. Founding 1781, and first 50 years of California Statehood 1850-1900

Fall Quarter 2017:
Mondays 10/2-12/4/2017 at UCLA Kerckhoff Hall GS 7pm-11pm

Room/Time Location Exceptions during Fall Quarter 2017

Monday 10/23/2017 Salsa Party feat. Opa Opa at UCLA Ackerman-AGB-2400

Monday 10/30/2017 TENT. Special Event tba at UCLA KGS

Monday 12/4/2017 Swing Dance feat. Swing Inc. at UCLA Kerckhoff GS

Culture Nights Mondays Fall 2017
9pm Mondays at UCLA KGS
10/23 Annual Latin/Salsa Party at AGB featuring professional band Opa Opa Directed by Oswaldo Bernard
10/30 Special Halloween event tba
11/13 Greek (special invited guests: Balkan Music Ensemble at UCLA tent.)
11/20 Armenian (Special invited guests include Tom Bozigian and members of the Armenian Dance Group and ASA at UCLA)
11/27 Arabic Belly Dance
12/4 Annual USA/Swing Dance

HBDC presents 2 dance parties (theme dances w/lessons) Fall Quarter 2017:

Saturday 10/28/2017
The 15th Annual Valentino Tango/Ragtime 1920s Party at UCLA Kerckhoff GS feat. singer Mikal Sandoval and Her Time Travelers Band
Learn early 20th Century Ballroom Dances popular during the 1910s/1920s
Plus video clips of Rudolph Valentino RSVP to

Saturday 11/18/2017 The 17th Annual Waltz Night at UCLA Ackerman Grand Ballroom
Learn six styles of waltz celebrating 200 Years of Waltzing Fun around the World RSVP to

Special Fall Quarter 2017 Activities/Field Trips:

Saturday/Sunday October: Annual Field Trip to Ticket to the Twenties (1920s Festival) Free 3pm-7pm at Homestead Museum, City of Industry. Annual Members may request complimentary carpooling.

Saturday/Sunday Oct. Annual Field Trip to the L.A. Greek Festival at St. Sophia's Cathedral $5

Sunday Oct. 15 & Oct. 22
Annual Fall Quarter Sunday Brunch: Chinese Dim Sum in West L.A. at the Palace Seafood Restaurant 11am-12:30pm RSVP to $12.

Sunday Oct. ? 1pm-3pm Free Salsa Concert with ?? at Burton Chace Park at Discover Marina Del Rey Festival 1pm-4pm

Sunday Oct. ?, 7pm Free Classical Concert featuring the Santa Monica Symphony at SMHS Barnum Hall

Ballroom Dance Club, Social DC present

Special Winter 2018 Events

The 18th Annual Winter 1930s Swing Dance Party
Saturday Jan. 20, 2018 NEW TIME: 7pm-11pm at UCLA Kerckhoff Grand Salon
Celebrating Kerckhoff Hall 87th Anniversary (1931-2018)
featuring ten piece professional band, Swing Inc. Directed by Dennis Kaye with singers

Plus Winter Argentine Tango Party Monday 2/12/2018 at KGS 7pm-11pm (Guest Teacher, Michael Espinoza 7:30pm-9:30pm)

Plus Winter Bonus (1950s) Swing Dance Saturday 2/24/2018 at KGS 7pm-11pm w/HBDC feat. 1950s Rock and Roll Band and Swing Lessons with James & Cynthia

Swing Lindy Hop Workshop 7pm and Annual Persian Culture Night 9pm Monday 2/26/2018 at KGS 7pm-11pm

8th Annual Winter Salsa Party feat. LIVE MUSIC with the Susie Hansen Latin Band
Monday March 5, 2018 7pm-11pm at UCLA Ackerman Grand Ballroom (tent. until room is confirmed)
featuring Salsa/Bachata Dance Performing Groups
Sponsored by BDC/IFDC, Social DC, Gobal DC at UCLA

Historical BDC at UCLA Theme Dances Saturdays


NEW STARt/ENDING TIME for Saturday Events: 7pm-11pm

Feb. 10 Romeo & Juliet Italian Renaissance Ball w/Thomas Axworthy Ren. Band at AGB
featuring Shakespeare Company of UCLA presentations of Shakespeare Sonnets/Poems/Scenes, Student Shakespeare Readings, Fencing Club, Kron Martial Arts demos with Myles and RJ, Music Director Thomas Axworthy Evolution of Music Instruments Demo, and Live Music for Renaissance Dance Instruction with club founders, James and Cynthia

Feb. 24 (3rd Annual) Back to the Future 1950s Prom feat. Cornelius Rock and Roll Band (5th Dance Through Ages) at KGS

March 10 (2nd Annual) Fantastic Beasts 1926 Party & 16th Annual Presidentsí Ball at KGS
will feature 1920s Dance Workshop 7:30pm; Magic Show Presentation 9pm-10pm with MIST (Magic and Illusion Team at UCLA)
and video presentations with members of the Quidditch Teams at UCLA
RSVP to Note new time for Saturday Events 7pm-11pm

International Folk Dance Club/Global Dance Club
Mondays 9pm at KGS (unless noted) Winter 2018
Tent. Schedule for 2018:
1/8 Learn Ballroom/Cultural Dances to French Music
1/22 Irish Dance w/Guest Teachers (and Performing Group) including Neek/Erin/Catriona of CNAG
1/29 Armenian Dance with world famous teacher, Tom Bozigian 9pm (Salsa Lessons 7pm)
with performances/workshops (Special Guests: Armenian Dance Group at UCLA
Possible Live Music with members of the Armenian Orchestra plus complimentary dinner.
2/5 Greek/Balkan Dance w/Special Guest Teacher: Last year Nathan filled in at last moment)
Live Music: Balkan Music Ensemble at UCLA 9pm (Ballroom Lessons: Cha Cha Cha 7pm)
2/12 Argentine Tango/Dance w/Guest Teacher, Michael Espinoza 7pm-11pm
2/26 Persian Dance w/Guest Teacher 9pm (Lindy Hop Lessons 7pm)
3/5 Latin/Salsa Dance Party w/Susie Hansen Latin Band at AGB 7pm-11pm
plus several Latin Dance Performing Groups

3/12 USA Culture Night: Contra Dance w/James Hutson 9pm (Swing Lessons 7pm)

3/12 Annual After-Club Field Trip: Tea at the Bel Air Hotel (Club Founder BD) 10:30pm
CELEBRATING 890th Week of Club Meetings

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