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Club announcement list for the Ballroom Dance Club and International Folk Dance Club at UCLA.

22nd Year of Weekly Lessons and Cultural Dance Celebrations

New Club Website/See Schedule at

Join us Mondays/Saturdays at UCLA

Questions e-mail Phoebe at

Dance Lessons/Parties Mondays 7pm-11pm at UCLA Kerckhoff Hall Grand Salon

Dance Lessons/Parties Saturdays 7pm-11pm at UCLA KGS/Ackerman-AGB/Powell

Summer Lessons at other location.

Stay informed of schedule for on-campus lessons, plus free concerts/lectures/festivals/movies
both on and off campus. Hundreds of free events each year.

Request Add to List by including "I want to learn Swing-Salsa-Tango" in Subject Heading.
E-mail Request to

Everyone Welcome at Ballroom Dance Club at UCLA’s annual Swing-Salsa-Tango Parties
most parties feature LIVE MUSIC!

Now Accepting Annual Memberships at new club mailbox 907 Westwood Blvd #350 L.A. CA 90024
Please make your check out to Ballroom Dance Club/IFDC at UCLA

(sometimes current club president will request you make a supporting membership check out directly to ASUCLA-for room rental/catering fee payments)

Credit Card Options are also available for Annual, Two-Year, Four-Year Memberships.
See Phoebe at club meeting or party to find out which club vendor to call with your credit car.
Thank you for helping club pay for club/event expenses.

Room Capacity for club events

Kerckhoff GS 150 participants per hour
Ackerman-AGB 2000 participants
Ackerman-2414 Bruin Reception Room 220 participants
Powell Library Rotunda 200 participants
Westside JCC Auditorium 400+

Stay informed of all club activities including field trips to free concerts, festivals, culture nights, dance parties, movies,
then please Request Add to list. send e-mail to

Postings about weekly meetings, club field trips and general announcements.

Dance Lessons 7pm-11pm Mondays (Weekly), at UCLA (Fall/Winter/Spring Quarters)
Dance Lessons/Theme Dances at UCLA Saturdays (Monthly)

Learn Swing-Salsa-Tango...Mondays 7pm
During the school year 9/26/2016-6/5/2017 at UCLA Kerckhoff Hall Grand Salon 7pm-11pm.
or Annual Memberships valid 1/9/2017-12/4/2017

Summer Lessons 6/26/2017-8/28/2017 usually moved next door to Ackerman A-Level VP Conference Rooms 7pm-9pm, 9pm-10pm at outside Bruin Plaza (but Summer location is confirmed towards the end of Spring Quarter). Summer Lessons/Meetings are followed by After-Club Field Trips local restaurants 10pm

Annual members enjoy free weekly dance lessons for one year including 37 Mondays and 1 Saturday Sponsored by BDC/IFDC
plus 12 Saturday Night Theme Dances with Vintage Ballroom Dance Lessons sponsored by Historical BDC.

Learn Fun Cultural Dance Lessons at 9pm Mondays (during clubs' Ice-Cream Socials) Culture Nights 5+ per quarter

Learn Salsa Cuban Casino Rueda Style many Mondays 10pm also at Kerckhoff Hall (during the school year)

Officer Meetings: WEDNESDAYS (time tab)
at Ackerman/Kerckhoff Hall/De Neve (email Phoebe at for room location

Performing Dance Group Rehearsals Mondays at Kerckhoff GS 6:30pm-7pm
(This is an extra dance lesson for annual members only)
(There is no PDG lessons on nights that require more time for logistical set-up i.e. Big Swing/Salsa/Tango Party Nights)

Field Trips 5 Nights a Week with our club instructors (carpooling available for annual members)

Summer Quarter includes club listings of 400+ Free Summer Concerts/Movies/Festivals throughout S. California

Fall-Winter-Spring Quarter Meetings include
Dance Lessons Mondays 7pm-11pm Learn Swing-Salsa-Tango...

(includes 5 Culture Nights Mondays at 9pm including Latin, Greek, Armenian, Middle East: Arabic and USA)

Winter Quarter 2017:

Sat. 1/21/2017 The 1930s Swing Dance at Kerckhoff Hall 86th Anniversary Party
Mon. 2/13/2017 Argentine Tango Party at KGS
Mon. 3/6/2017 Winter Salsa Party featuring Susie Hansen Latin Band at Ack-AGB
Mon. 3/13/2017 Contra Dance Night (Swing Lessons earlier) at KGS

Sat. 2/11/2017 HBDC's Romeo and Juliet Italian Renaissance Ball at Ack-AGB
Sat. 2/25/2017 HBDC's 1950s Swing Dance Back to the Future Ball at KGS
Sat. 3/11/2017 HBDC's Presidents Ball changed to 1926 Fantastic Beasts Theme Ball at KGS

Culture Nights: France/Armenian/Greek/Argentine/Persian/Latin/USA

Spring Quarter 2017:

Mon. 4/24/2017 Spring Salsa Party feat. Pablo Mendez Latin Band at Ack-AGB
Mon. 6/5/2017 Swing Party at Kerckhoff GS (End of Spring Quarter 85th USA Culture Night) (completing 21st year for BDC, 22nd year for IFDC)

HBDC Theme Dances:

Sat. 4/8/2017 Great Gatsby 1920's Party at KGS (4th Annual) feat. Dutch Newman and His Musical Melodians
Sat. 4/22/2017 Hollywood Movie Magic Ball with Chester Whitmore at KGS
Sat. 5/6/2017 Baroque Masquerade Ball with guests: The Fencing Club
Sat. 6/3/2017 Jane Austen Ball at KGS (with Zombie theme) and may be moved to larger room.

Spring Quarter Culture Nights Mondays 9pm include

Swedish/European Dance, Chinese Dance, Hawaiian Dance, Latin/Mexican Dance, Israeli/Turkish/Lebanese/Middle Eastern Dance, Scottish/Indian Bollywood Dance, Greek, Armenian and American Dance styles.

Special Events Summer Quarter 2017:

Mon. 7/17/2017 Summer Swing Dance Party (Loc. tba either KGS or Bruin Plaza McClure Stage) 9th Annual Summer Swing Dance

Theme Dances with HBDC:

Sat. 7/22/2017 The Revolutionary Ball at Kerckhoff GS

Sat. 8/12/2017 The Los Angeles Ball, An Early California Fandango at Kerckhoff GS or Bruin Plaza

Sat/Sun 7/15-7/16 Performance/Dance Lesson Opportunity with club instructors at the 29th Annual Santa Barbara French Festival

see Historical BDC website for details:

BDC/IFDC and HBDC Larger Events usually feature LIVE MUSIC

see Historical Ballroom Dance Club at UCLA

Questions E-Mail Phoebe at or


Fall Quarter Semi-Formal Nov. 2017 WJCC may be available (free for current annual members) tent. event.

Fall Quarter Formal (Victorian Theme) December 2016 date tba WJCC may not available, therefore Fall Quarter Formal December 2017 (tent. event)

Winter 2017:

Sat. 1/21/2017 8pm-Midnight 17th Annual 1930's Swing Night at KGS Kerckhoff Hall 86th Anniversary Celebration

Sat. 2/4/2017 annual off campus Salsa Dance Postponed to 2018

Sat. 2/11/2017 Romeo & Juliet Italian Renaissance Ball moved from Powell to Ackerman-AGB

Mon. 2/13/2017 Annual Tango Party at KGS at weekly BDC/IFDC meeting

Sat. 2/25/2017 2nd Annual 1950s Swing Dance at KGS featuring Back to the Future 1950s Prom Theme (4th Winter Ball)

Mon. 3/6/2017 Winter Salsa Party featuring Susie Hansen Latin Band at Ackerman-AGB

Sat. 3/11/2017 15th Annual Presidents' Ball becomes 1926 Fantastic Beasts Ball at Kerckhoff GS

Mon. 3/13/2017 USA Culture Night: Swing Lessons and Contra Dance Evening at KGS


3 Special Big Events: moved next door to UCLA Ackerman-AGB (usually with live music)
(1st 2000 participants welcome)

Mon. 10/17/2016 Big Salsa Party (16th Annual) featuring Opa Opa
Mon. 3/6/2017 Salsa Party (7th Annual) featuring Susie Hansen Latin Band
Mon. 4/24/2017 Salsa Party (10th Annual) featuring Pablo Mendez Latin Band
Mon. 10/23/2017 Big Salsa Party (17th Annual) featuring Opa Opa

Special Events (usually with live music) at our regularly scheduled location: Mondays: Kerckhoff GS

Club Ballroom Dance Parties (Semi-Formals/Formals) usually off campus at Westside JCC Auditorium
(free for current annual members)

Saturday Nov. 2017 with Great Gatsby/1920's/Ragtime Theme (9th Annual)
at WJCC or other location

Saturday Dec. 2017 with Victorian Cotillion Theme (10th Annual) at WJCC or other location

Saturday Feb. 2018 (Tent.) Havana Nights Salsa Party (5th Annual) tent. at Loc. tba

Schedule/Club Updates at

moved to


For Saturday Night Theme Dances (Costume Balls) 20th Year with Historical Ballroom Dance Instruction:

(1/21/2017 The 1930s Swing Night/Kerckhoff 86th Anniversary Party co-sponsored BDC/IFDC and HBDC);

HBDC Saturday Night Theme Dances at UCLA planned for
Winter 2017: 1/21 (BDC/IFDC), 2/11, 2/25, 3/11
Spring 2017: 4/8, 4/22, 5/6, 6/3
Summer 2017: 7/22, 8/12
(1/21/2017 The 1930s Swing Night/Kerckhoff 86th Anniversary Party co-sponsored BDC/IFDC and HBDC);
Fall 2017: 10/28, 11/18

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